Meeting with the University of Oslo and representatives of HISP Groups

October 29, 2023 by

The Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa:

Meeting with the University of Oslo and representatives of other HISP Groups around the world. We participated in the planning meeting for HISP MENA, where we discussed important updates over three intensive days related to academies and advanced information disciplines in building capabilities related to DHIS2. This includes adding new scientific materials, building new skills, and updates to training materials.

The upcoming academies will focus on logistics information systems management, integrating information systems, data exchange, and Advanced Tracker Configuration Academy. Additionally, there will be advanced skills in setting up and managing servers and hosting the DHIS2 system according to best administrative and technical practices.

HISP MENA has presented a presentation on the needs of countries in the region, specifically in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, regarding the need to build technical and managerial capabilities for leading digital health transformation in the region. We also announced our priorities for the coming year, focusing on studying the region's needs and providing various foundational and advanced academies to help govern and institutionalize self-capabilities within local national teams in health ministries in the region.

Finally, we emphasized the importance of designing specialized training packages that integrate health informatics and public health. These packages aim to improve the decision-making process, health planning, and health research in Arabic, English, and French languages, in response to the needs of our countries in the region.