About us

Health Information System Program Middle East and North Africa (HISP MENA) is a leading entity in transforming healthcare and Public Health through innovative Health Information System (HIS) solutions. As a trusted partner and authorized implementer with the University of Oslo, we specialize in deploying the DHIS2 open source platform, customized to the unique needs of the Middle East and North Africa region. Our multidisciplinary team of experts brings together deep knowledge in public health, data science, information technology, and healthcare administration.

With a relentless commitment to advancing healthcare outcomes, we collaborate with governments, healthcare institutions, Universities and communities to design, implement, and optimize HIS solutions that drive data-driven decision-making, improve patient care, and accelerate progress towards healthcare goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). HISP MENA is dedicated to reshaping the HIS landscape in the Middle East and North Africa through innovation, collaboration, and the power of data.