About the HISP network


The HISP Centre at the University of Oslo (UiO) works in collaboration with a global network of HISP groups and trusted regional partners to provide DHIS2 implementation support, local customization and configuration, and in-country and regional capacity building through our DHIS2 Academy program, and to promote DHIS2 as a global public good. HISP groups also play an important role in the DHIS2 software development process, including requirements gathering, facilitating feedback from the field, and innovative development of web and mobile applications and local configurations that DHIS2 developers can then integrate into the core platform for worldwide use. The collaboration between HISP UiO and the HISP network is ultimately based on trust and a shared understanding and adherence to a set of guiding principles, which is codified through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Visit the HISP Centre website to learn more.

HISP groups are among our most trusted, long-term partners in the field. As such, they are the primary DHIS2 liaisons with Ministries of Health in the countries where DHIS2 is deployed, and this close and ongoing collaboration has been the main reason for the success of DHIS2 adoption in more than 70 countries. These groups are led by DHIS2 experts — several of whom have completed PhD and MA programs related to DHIS2/HISP projects at UiO or partner universities — and are staffed with experienced DHIS2 implementers, developers, and trainers who provide support for national, regional, and international projects.

In addition to collaborating with HISP UiO on projects, individual HISP groups are also available to provide DHIS2 support and consultancy directly. The HISP groups listed on this page have become our trusted partners over years of collaboration. Browse groups in the HISP network by region below to find the HISP group in your area or language community.